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Screen Queensland

Production Attraction Incentive: 2022-23 | October Round

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Pre-Eligibility Criteria

Do you plan to spend a minimum of AU$3.5 million on qualifying Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE)? * Required
If you answer NO, you are not eligible to apply for funding from this incentive.
Is the project currently footloose (i.e. there is evidence of genuine interstate or international production destination alternatives)? * Required
Is the project fully financed? * Required
If you answer NO, you are not eligible to apply for funding from this incentive.

The Everyone Project

If successful, I agree to register the production to The Everyone Project and, with appropriate consent, provide the names, roles and contact details of the production cast and crew so that they may be invited to participate in voluntary, de-identified demographic surveys.

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Safe Work Legislation and Guidelines

Screen Queensland expects all applicants (including their employees and contractors) to comply with:  

(a) all legislation related to providing a safe workplace, including state and federal work health and safety, harassment and discrimination legislation; and 

(b) the Australian Screen Industry Code of Practice: Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying and the National Safety Guidelines for Screen Safety. 

Screen Queensland may require applicants to demonstrate evidence of their safe workplace practices and this may be taken into consideration in assessment of applications.

The Code of Practice is publicly available at Screen Industry Code of Conduct ( and MEAA Australian Screen Industry Code of Practice for Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying - MEAA. The National Safety Guidelines are publicly available at National Guidelines for Screen Safety - Screen Safe Australia.

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Applicant Details

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