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Screen Queensland

Market 2022-23

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  • I and all people applying to attend the market have been Queensland residents for at least six months prior to application
  • I am the demonstrated rights holder in the projects discussed in this application
  • It is important that your team of key creatives authentically represent the story and characters in your application. If your story includes content or characters from an under-represented background, then at least one of the three key creative roles (writer, director, producer) must be held by a person who is representative of that diversity.
  • If this project is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander story, some or all intellectual property must be owned by members of this community and at least two of the three key creative roles must be held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent. If the producer role is not held by an Indigenous person then an early career Indigenous producer attachment must be brought onto the project.
  • I am not employed by a state or government screen agency
  • I am not employed by a broadcaster
  • I am not a full time student
  • None of the projects I am submitting contribute to credits for a course or study
  • I do not have any projects in default with Screen Queensland
  • No key creatives attached to this project are in default with Screen Queensland
  • I have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • I am applying at least 8 weeks prior to departure.
  • I have read and agree to the SQ Terms of TradeSQ QPE DefinitionSQ Strategic Plan 2019-2022Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network CharterSQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy 2019-2022.
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