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Ideas 2019/20

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  • I have been a Queensland resident for at least 6 months prior to application, OR I am an Australian resident working with someone in a key creative role (writer, director, producer) who lives and works in Queensland.
  • I am not employed by a state or government screen agency.
  • I am not employed by a broadcaster.
  • I am not a full time student.
  • The project I am submitting does not contribute to credits for a course or study
  • I do not have any projects in default with Screen Queensland.
  • No key creatives attached to this project are in default with Screen Queensland
  • I have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • This project has not been unsuccessful in seeking Development funding on  two (2) previous occasions.
  • I and my team do not have two or more different projects undergoing assessment or awaiting delivery of agreed items from previous funding.
  • If this project is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander story, some or all intellectual property are owned by members of this community
  • If this is an Indigenous project, from the 3 key creative roles (producer, writer, director), at least 2 separate roles must be Indigenous. If the Producer is non-Indigenous, there must be an early career Indigenous producer attached.
  • If my project is Later Stage, I can demonstrate matched/significant contributory funding from market (that is not me and that is a good match for the project).
  • I have read and agree to the SQ Terms of TradeSQ QPE DefinitionSQ Strategic Plan 2019-2022Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network CharterSQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy 2019-2022.
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